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  1. How successful is the appliance? Does it really work?

Q: All forms of medical and dental treatment, including orthodontics, have some risks and limitations. Conventional orthodontics with full fixed braces has a history of lack of long term stability and complications of enamel and root damage to the teeth. Extractions have been a concern for some time with claims they damage the face and the jaw joints (TMJ’s). Myofunctional Orthodontics attempts to minimize these known risks by not extracting teeth on a routine basis treating the myofunctional causes and keeping the use of fixed braces on all the teeth to a minimum.

These potential problems should be considered in making the decision to wear orthodontic appliances. For this reason the use of the TRAINER System™ and MYOBRACE® is so important as they do not have these disadvantages.


  1. How long does this treatment usually takes?

Q: Treatment time is variable but averages 18-24 months plus a period of retention/observation. Appliances must be used as instructed or the treatment will not work. It is important to seek medical advice for persistent allergies such as asthma as these problems can prolong treatment and lead to instability if not corrected. A good diet is important. You can’t boost jaw development if the fuel is not correct. See separate dietary advice or preferably seek professional advice.


  1. Are there any factors that could interfere with the treatment?

Q: Total treatment time can sometimes be delayed beyond the original estimate. Excessive or deficient facial growth, poor patient co-operation, broken appliances and missed appointments are all factors which could lengthen time and affect the quality of the result.



  1. Are there known harmful side-effects of the TRAINER?

Q: The major risks/limitations involved in orthodontic treatment may include: Decalcification (permanent markings) on the teeth, dental decay, or gum disease can occur if patients do not brush their teeth properly and thoroughly throughout the treatment period. Sugars and between meal snacks should be avoided as much as possible. Extra care should be taken when braces are fitted to keep oral hygiene to its best level. Fluoride mouth wash and extra time cleaning the teeth is required when the braces are in place.


  1. Is the TRAINER treatment painful?

Q: There is some discomfort and pain in the first few days of fitting of the appliances. This does not usually return any more than occasionally after adjustments and stops within a day or two.


  1. What are the contraindications for the TRAINER treatment?

Q: JAW Growth: Dealing with growing patients the development of the jaws is not always predictable. On some occasions, particularly with older patients, the jaws do not develop as well as expected. This problem is a myofuntional and biological process and is sometimes out of direct control in treatment.



Q: Teeth have a tendency to rebound to their original positions after orthodontic treatment. This is called relapse. Myofunctional habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and incorrect swallowing cause relapse if not treated. This is why the TRAINER™ must be worn during and after treatment to assist in the correction of these causes. After band/bracket (braces) are removed, retainers are placed to minimize relapse. Full co-operation in wearing these appliances as directed is vital. When retention is discontinued some relapses is still possible after braces treatment. Continued TRAINER™ use is the required solution.



Q: Retainers are used to hold the teeth in the corrected position while the bone hardens around them. They also prevent the teeth from moving back to their old position. Retainers are best phased out as soon as possible and then the use of the T4A to both retain and continue myofunctionasl correction is best. Teeth do not have memories, as is a common myth and will only relapse when the bad myofunctional habits have not been corrected. If this is the case, longer term retention and TRAINER™ use will be needed.

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